Wednesday, 3 February 2010

memories & my feeling for you

The day I first met you
Was the day that I couldn’t
Look at you straight in the eye

I was shy but I’ve grown since then
As we talked
I knew instantly we would be good friends
I squirted orange juice at you
Funny looking back
As we parted you asked
If I would like to do this again
My answer was yes,
Your company was enjoyable and still is even now

We grew closer
As time went by I could feel you liked me
I liked you too
You had a girl though
Who didn’t deserve you
But you with your good soul
Didn’t want to leave her
I was there by your side
Encouraging you to leave her
Not only because I cared so much
But because I secretly wanted you

We went to the cinema
One cold December day
The day I shared 1 of the many beautiful memories with you
We laughed hard & joked a lot
We were only friends
But it felt like a date
You asked me if you could hold my hand
I politely accepted
You gripped it when the scary scene came
Reassuring to know that
I wasn’t the only one scared of the ending
Of paranormal activity
Don’t deny it because I know the truth!

The next day
Was the day we became a couple
Your exact words were
“Be by my side”
Couldn’t believe it
That you were finally mine
Me & you
That’s the way it should be always

Every day I saw you
From then on
I grew happier
Didn’t know what I did to deserve a guy like you
I didn’t even know it was possible
To find a guy as wonderful & genuine as you
I’m speaking the absolute truth.

The only problem was me
Insecurities got the better of me
Not sure if I was really ready for a relationship
I was scared I wasn’t going to love you
Even though I liked you so much
Because I just wanted the best for you
Didn’t want to end up hurting you
Even though I ending up doing so
In a way
So I run away, the biggest mistake of my life

Theres no going back now
I’m going to always remember what we had
I know you are too
I know I will never get another chance
Too late, you found some one new
I must admit I’m jealous of her
I don’t think I completely moved on
I just pray she treats you better
And gives you all the love you deserve

Just know
I am always here for you
No matter what to listen to your problems & give advice

To make you laugh & to catch every single tear that may fall upon your eye
If only I was stronger
If only I was sure of myself
If only we met earlier

If only I could turn back time then maybe, just maybe...
I would still be with you creating more beautiful memories
There’s no point of saying if only
Because everything happens for a reason
& all good things come to an end

I'm just glad you were mine just for a moment in time

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