Monday, 2 August 2010

Heart Broken

Just to let you know
I'm happy for you
You got the girl you always loved
It's not fair still
You were my number one
When I was your last option
I pretend I don't care
When really it's killing me inside
Don't call me
I know it's only to ease your guilt
More than the fact you want to be friends
I miss hearing your voice though
When I do
My heart breaks a little more
Other than that
I miss holding you
Smelling you on my clothe after
All those little things
That mean a hell of alot to me
My heart is completly broken
Beating like a scratched CD
No stopping these shit tears
I know I could do better
I deserve better
You took my love for granted
Gave you everything
But It wasn't good enough
Foolish as it may seem
I still want you
I wish I could go back
To the days you were my baby
I would of held you tighter
If I knew I would lose you so soon
Stupid as it may seem i thought we had something everlasting
All I can do now is walk away
If only it were that simple.