Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A Promise To You

I dream of perfect love for us
and hope that it will be
and yet I end up giving you
a less than perfect me.
I wish so much
I could change, for you
Be the sweetest you ever had
But there are things in me
That gets in the way.
I believe that none could love you
quite as deeply as I do;
And yet I fail to show you
Just how much I do
Everyday I think of ways
To show my love for you
But nothing truly can express
The depth of my love
As I give shy glances your way
When you’re least likely to suspect
I wonder if you know
Just how much you mean to me
Wish you could see
Through my eyes
So you could see
How I feel inside
I could be cruel at times
Act as if I don’t care
But through it all
My love grows, unchangeable
I’ll always be their
No matter what, till the end
When you’re feeling blue or feeling lonely
I’ll be there for you to hold
And to listen to you
You’re the only one I want
It is you I need
I cannot give perfection, but this is a promise from me to you
I will spend my life time learning
how to love you