Tuesday, 21 April 2009

I'll Be There

when your feeling blue
To wipe away all the tears in your eyes
To catch you when you fall
And when your happy
we can smile and laugh together
When you need someone to talk too
For sure i'll listen to you
Be there for you always
Like your there for me
I'll be your best friend, one love and family
your all in one
I'll be whatever you want me to be baby

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


The sky is getting darker

A load rumble escapes from the clouds

Rain falls

Upset and angry

Showing the pain

Of the earth through it tears

And trying to help nourish the already ruined earth

Save it from the humans who destroy it

Without a thought or doubt

They don’t realize

The earth is capable of pain too.

Restless Soul


Another sleepless night

Always this feeling

Won’t go away


There’s a whole in my heart

A piece missing

Want to be happy

Yet it’s impossible

I’m inconsolable

The next day arrives

Plaster on a fake smile

No one knows

Behind this is my restless soul

Dark Shadow

I am a dark shadow
A shadow of no real existence
I walk, my feet barely touching the ground
In these streets alone, unnoticed
I take small baby steps
Not knowing my destination
I wonder to myself
Why am i here?
In this cold cruel world
World I seem not to belong
I want to be free
Leave this world and be free

Valentine x


On the foot of my stair case

For the post

Hoping I will get at least one card

Letters come tumbling down

My heart leaps

I ran fast

Grabbing the pile of cards

I hunt hopelessly

Only valentine cards for my beautiful sister

I feel a familiar sensation

Of my heart breaking

I furiously chuck her cards in the bin

I scream

My lungs bursting out of me

I collapse on the floor

Tears rolling down

Uncontrollable and unstoppable

With shaky fingers

I take out my compact mirror

My revolting reflection staring back at me

No one would ever want to be my valentine

But you know what?

I’m still hoping