Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Cyber Love

I would wait all day for you
Because you mean that much
The free time I have
I await your arrival
To rid me for a moment of this heart ache
To feel you somewhat close to me
My fingertip caressing the screen
Day dreaming of having you here with me
I believe your promises of love
Not for a second I doubt
Because I don’t want to be lonely anymore
True love this must be
When you’re here I feel complete
When you’re gone I feel unfulfilled
I feel I have yet more to say
When that’s not the case
I yearn to be in your presence
To hear you breath
To hold you tight in my arms
Most of all to look lovingly in your eyes
And Say I love you
I really do, this is no lie
Yes, these words written are empty still
Lacking any meaning
No worries my love
Soon you will know this love is true
The day will come when we finally meet
I will never give up hoping for that day

1 comment:

  1. Woww...I had NEVER seen a poem on cyber love.
    Bravo! :)