Monday, 2 August 2010

Heart Broken

Just to let you know
I'm happy for you
You got the girl you always loved
It's not fair still
You were my number one
When I was your last option
I pretend I don't care
When really it's killing me inside
Don't call me
I know it's only to ease your guilt
More than the fact you want to be friends
I miss hearing your voice though
When I do
My heart breaks a little more
Other than that
I miss holding you
Smelling you on my clothe after
All those little things
That mean a hell of alot to me
My heart is completly broken
Beating like a scratched CD
No stopping these shit tears
I know I could do better
I deserve better
You took my love for granted
Gave you everything
But It wasn't good enough
Foolish as it may seem
I still want you
I wish I could go back
To the days you were my baby
I would of held you tighter
If I knew I would lose you so soon
Stupid as it may seem i thought we had something everlasting
All I can do now is walk away
If only it were that simple.


  1. Saying "goodbye" is indeed the most difficult part in a relationship. The feelings of hurt and depression will linger; however, trust me when I say that time is at your side because although the process of time is very slow it will heal the wounds in the end.

    Be at peace with yourself by forgiving yourself and the one who hurts you. But do not forget to thank each other for the time spent. Do not regret anything because your decisions builds your character and these also makes you grow one step at a time.

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